College presidents wary of Obama cost-control plan

President Barack Obama’s new plan to force colleges and universities to contain tuition or face losing federal dollars is raising alarm among education leaders who worry about the threat of government overreach.

You need this more than ever if you have a tuition debt!

Costs of college keep going up so should your income so why not try the best opportunity in the best community you can find. Where are you going to be able to start a business on such a low cost. You are already paying for use of a form of our product and service, cell phones and wireless service. So why don’t you cut your costs and earn a good income on a part time then later full time business. Who can do without their cell phone? Unlimited talk text and web for $ 59.99 plus you can get your service FREE when you refer three other people to get their service from Lightyear.

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I have more bonus:   more ways to promote you Lightyear Wireless business

11) Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Use the tools available. When you’re out and about, pass out invitation cards or flyers to cashiers at the grocery store or the “bag boy.” Do this everywhere you go: sporting events, restaurants, the beach, chamber of commerce after hours business card exchanges or breakfasts, the movie theater, literally everywhere you go. Just hand them a business card or flyer.

12) Create a welcome email for everyone who signs up under you. Include advertising information (free and paid) along with links to helpful articles. Include your Instant Messenger ID so they can reach you faster than email. (If you don’t know about Instant Messenger, just go to or . It’s easy to get started.)

13) When you send out an invitation via email give just enough information to get people curious. Always include a link to your Lightyear Wireless site. Send invitations out about every two weeks. Realize this may be simple, but it isn’t easy. However the long term benefits are good. Have long term goals to keep yourself focused on the positives so you won’t get discouraged when people don’t sign up.

14) Flyers, flyers, flyers – Lightyear Wireless has some you can copy. They will appreciate your initiative! Keep them in your car, all your bags (or purses), even you kids’ school bags because you never know when you’ll need them. Hand them out, post them on bulletin boards at schools, supermarkets, hair and nail salons, restaurants, etc. (get permission first).

15) People join people, so develop relationships. It can be as simple as a handshake and a smile, but people will be drawn to your Biz Op because they are drawn to you. Then invite them to your website. Also, once you have people on your team, work with the willing. Don’t try to build someone else’s business for them, but help those who are trying. You might buy them domain names, show them social networking sites like,,, Facebook and others.

I will more info on future posts.    Call me so I can Help you!!   1.828.289.5365

To Your Success!!

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Just a country boy trying to help (those who want to pay their college tuition or student loans) by sharing how to get unlimited wireless service with the bonus of free service and cash flow. I will help all my associates be better marketing and social media users.
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