Student loans outstanding will exceed $1 trillion this year

Students and workers seeking retraining are borrowing extraordinary amounts of money through federal loan programs, potentially putting a huge burden on the backs of young people looking for jobs and trying to start careers.

So Instead of trying to borrow money why not try earning extra income from the an industry growing with opportunity, cell phones and wireless service.

Sometimes we have people say (I can get that phone for less at the BIG Wireless Companies) and you know what, they are ALMOST correct. It may be cheaper at those companies if you commit to a 2 year contract, PASS CREDIT and you pay TWICE as much for your monthly plan than the Lightyear NORMAL rate.
If you get a Touch Screen Smart Phone with Android Software and a 5 mega pixel camera from Verizon it could cost a few hundred dollars or it could be FREE. That sounds great TODAY, but if you are paying $119.99 per month for Unlimited Talk, Text and Web with Verizon NOT counting all those taxes and fees making your bill most likely around $150 per month and you could have the SAME unlimited talk, text and web with Lightyear for $59.99 or FREE, you should consider how you ACTUALLY spend more!
If you save $60 per month with Lightyear, that is $720 per year and if you bought our most expensive phone (HTC Hero) it would cost you $414.99. In 7 months of saving $60 per month, you would have bought your $414.99 HTC Hero with Lightyear and for the NEXT 17 months, you are saving $60 per month. WHY would someone OVER pay $1,000 MORE over the next 2 years to get something for FREE today?
AND imagine if you simply referred a few customers to Lightyear and your bill is FREE! $120 x 24 = $2,880. FREE x 24 = FREE and if you had to buy a $414.99 HTC Hero upfront, would you rather pay Lightyear $414.99 or Verizon $2,880??????
Here are some other GREAT reasons why EVERYONE should join Lightyear Wireless as a Customer TODAY!

My second post bonus  :

Sitting still and wishing makes no person great.

The good Lord sends the fishing,

But you must dig the bait!

6) Any time you hear people talking, listen for an open door. It can be anything about money, jobs, shopping, etc. so you can step up and invite them check out a way to make money. Hand them your Invitation Card or Business Card with your domain name or Lightyear WirelessURL on it. Don’t answer any questions, tell them it’s all there for them to explore. This takes the pressure off of them since you aren’t trying to sell them anything.

7) Place free classified ads with your local online paper and college paper. People are always looking for a way to make money and you might just get some peopleinterested enough to take a look at your Lightyear Wireless.

8) You’re looking for Entrepreneurs. Ask, “Did you have a lemonade stand as a kid? Sell candy bars? Cut grass?” If they were entrepreneurial that far back, it’s still in them!

9) Email all your business contacts, especially those you know have a desire to start a business, already own a business, or are business minded. (Don’t exclude ANYONE, but start with your business contacts.) Start off by sending out a little note asking permission to send them information about an exciting new concept you’ve discovered.

10) Share your Lightyear Wireless by sending a “reply” to all of  your incoming email including spam. Write up a compelling email that will get people to take a look. You don’t want to beat them over the head, and you don’t want to bore them to death. Here’s one I saw recently that had a powerful response. Your Lightyear Wireless might have the same impact, but it should give you some ideas…

Hello ______,

Okay, I’m totally surprised… After swearing to never again look at a home-based business, I finally agreed to just take a look after someone sent me 5 emails – just to get them off my back and show them all the reasons it wouldn’t work! That’s when I discovered theolub.

* It’s totally FREE. Really!

* You don’t ever have to Sell anything. Really!

* You don’t ever have to Buy anything. Really!

* It’s the most simple concept I’ve ever seen. I think that is its power. I just installed a toolbar on my computer, take 5 minutes a day to click on some links, and I’m done!

* You don’t have to train anyone. It’s really so simple that anyone can do it!

They say you can make $43,000 in one month. I don’t know if you can or not, but I’m liking the amount I’ve made in the last few days! Can you think of at least 5 people who would like what I just described. You ought to at least take a look! Just use this link to check it out yourself! It will take you 4 minutes and 42 seconds to decide if it’s for you. You just might be as surprised as I am!

Amy Salesperson

Sitting still and wishing makes no person great.                                                                         The good Lord sends the fishing,                                                                                                     But you must dig the bait!

Call Me for help:  1.828.289.5365

To Your Success!!!!


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Just a country boy trying to help (those who want to pay their college tuition or student loans) by sharing how to get unlimited wireless service with the bonus of free service and cash flow. I will help all my associates be better marketing and social media users.
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