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We have some AMAZING things to share with you today! Please take a few minutes to review some NEW and very EXCITING things happening with Lightyear Wireless below! Have a great Friday sharing Lightyear Wireless with everyone you know!

Go to:

Update: Lightyear Wireless Saturday Morning Training

Join us tomorrow at 11 a.m. Eastern, 10 a.m. Central, 9 a.m. Mountain, 8 a.m. Pacific, 6 a.m. Hawaii Time for a LIVE Lightyear Wireless Training Presentation. Visit to view and listen online or call 1.877.313.2651 pass code 3359756# to listen over the phone. We will have 10 short questions after the training and the Lightyear Wireless Representative who answers the questions correctly will be placed into a drawing to WIN 50 FREE Lightyear Wireless Magazines and DVDs valued at $100! Lightyear Wireless Corporate Vice President, Ron Mattingly will train on the Direct Sales/Network Marketing Industry, our Product offering and the difference between us and others who also offer Wireless Service to Representatives. “Just like any concept that is working in America today, others will try to emulate it. In the 90s, Excel Communications was the only “REAL” long distance Direct Sales/Network Marketing Company at one point and a lot of other companies began offering a long distance service to their Representatives, but they were simply selling someone else’s service, not their own and that’s what is happening today. Lightyear Wireless is the first Direct Sales/Network Marketing Company to actually Ship Phones, Service Customers and Bill Customers in the Wireless Industry. I will show you the difference tomorrow” – Ron Mattingly

Update: Lightyear Wireless Option for Customers who live in Non-Sprint areas

The Lightyear Wireless No Contract Service using the Sprint Network allows us to service 280 million people across the U.S. with our service and that means 87% of the people we talk to about Lightyear Wireless can use our BEST product offering $59.99 unlimited talk, text, web and $5 in free international calls on the Sprint Network. Every once and a while, we will find ourselves in a position of discussing Lightyear Wireless with the other 13% who do not live in a Sprint coverage area. How do we handle that? It’s simple! Offer our postpaid Verizon product. Here is a short training video that explains the order process, plans and how a Representative can still earn FREE service when using our postpaid Verizon product.

Verizon Network Coverage Training Video: (Click on the link below to watch)

Verizon Network Coverage Application for Service: (Click on the link below to download a copy)

Our pricing plans are very similar to what Verizon offers today, so you should be able to offer your Representatives and Customers who live in these areas a competitive offer and show them how they can get it for FREE by becoming a Representative and helping others do the same thing. And let’s face it, if someone lives in these areas they are accustom to using a product similar to what we offer and they most likely know a few people who live in Sprint coverage areas.

Update: Lightyear Wireless National Quarterly Training Event in Atlanta, Georgia on March 3rd

Visit to register TODAY for our Lightyear Wireless National Training Event in Atlanta, Georgia on March 3rd. Our TOP producing Representatives will teach you EXACTLY what they have done to reach Financial Freedom with Lightyear Wireless and the Corporate Team will train on the products. It’s going to be AMAZING! See you there!

Update: Lightyear Wireless Travel Events in February

If you or someone you know lives near one of these Business Presentation and Training Event locations, join us! We will have a presentation on our Company, Products, Compensation Plan and more followed by a short training session. Everyone is invited to attend!

Indianapolis, Indiana Thursday, February 16th – Click on this link to download our flyer.

Modesto, California Thursday, February 23rd – Click on this link to download our flyer.

San Jose, California Friday, February 24th – Click on this link to download our flyer.

Santa Rosa, California Saturday, February 25th – Click on this link to download our flyer.

Update: Lightyear Wireless Winter Phone Blowout Sale

Every phone is on SALE in February for new customers who port (transfer) their existing phone number to Lightyear Wireless and order our Unlimited Plan. Visit your Lightyear Wireless Website to view all the terrific discounts while supplies last!

This website is my Lightyear Wireless Store!

Update: Lightyear Wireless Free Service Referral Program

We know you know about it and now it’s time to make it happen for yourself! We want YOU to earn FREE service with Lightyear Wireless! Step One, visit your website TODAY and order service for yourself. Step Two, help 3 people do the same! Click on this link  and watch our short training video on how to earn FREE service with Lightyear Wireless. You can also click on this link download our rules document. Once you have earned FREE wireless service it will become MUCH easier to help others do the same!

Update: Lightyear Wireless Tools

Are you using your Lightyear Wireless Tools to SHARE Lightyear Wireless with everyone you know? Here are three great ways to SHARE Lightyear Wireless!

One – Lightyear Wireless 24/7 Online Presentation Video
Visit  to view our 25 minute Video Presentation that will explain information about our Company, Products, Compensation Plan and WHY everyone should join Lightyear Wireless! This is a perfect place to send a friend who wants to learn more about Lightyear Wireless!
Two – Lightyear Wireless Magazines and DVDs
Order 25 eight page Lightyear Wireless Magazines and Presentation DVDs that will help you provide great information to your prospects. It’s amazing; some people just like to sit down and read a nice color magazine or watch a presentation in the comfort of their living room. You can purchase 25 quality Magazines and 25 presentation DVDs for only $49.99. To learn how to order you Magazines and DVDs, watch this short training video .

Three – Lightyear Wireless Business Cards
it’s easy. You are talking to someone you know and they ask “What do you do”? Well, that’s a great question! Here is my Business Card, visit my website to learn more about my company and call me if you want to starting SAVING money and MAKING money! You can order Lightyear Wireless Business Cards TODAY by clicking on this link

Update: Lightyear Wireless Facebook Fan Page

If you use Facebook, follow us on our Fan Page at Click on the LIKE button and you will get fantastic updates daily!

Update: $125,000 in EXTRA Bonus Money

Click on this link to download our promotional flyer and click on the link below to download our complete Compensation Plan Document! Learn how EVERYONE can earn up to $125,000 in EXTRA bonuses with Lightyear Wireless!

!!!!!   Compare  !!!!!

Click on the link below to watch a short and very informative video that compares Lightyear Wireless phones and service to the #1 wireless company in the U.S. today! Great example! A must watch for every Lightyear Wireless Representative and potential customer!

Now that you see what we have to offer, make the intelligent choice!!!

Go to:  and JOIN!!


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Just a country boy trying to help (those who want to pay their college tuition or student loans) by sharing how to get unlimited wireless service with the bonus of free service and cash flow. I will help all my associates be better marketing and social media users.
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