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Lightyear Wireless Provides The Best Home Business Opportunity Lightyear Wireless is the first and only company in the U.S. to pay a True RESIDUAL INCOME on a privately branded wireless product. Lightyear has partnered with two of the nation’s largest wireless networks and now you have the ability to profit from it! There will never be an opportunity like this again in Network Marketing. We have the right infrastructure, leadership, product, compensation plan and timing!

The best thing about Lightyear Wireless work at home business opportunity lies in its product. It is a great product that all the users are swearing by. No complaints. None what so ever. If you want to build and win clients physically you can call on people and give demonstrations  etc  but if you intend to make it possible without stepping out of the house, you can do it that way too! All you need is a website or simply start marketing the store that they provide you with. You can market your online store on the internet. There are hundreds and thousands of ways of doing it. You need no previous experience, no minimum qualification, no age bar, any special skills, nothing. All you need to succeed with Lightyear Wireless Home Business is willingness and patience. And the world will be at your feet. (

Couple Hours Each Week, and A Positive Attitude. If you have all that, you are ready to get started. Imagine learning how to build a $100,000 or more yearly income, and never leaving your own home, doing it at your own leisure, and having a lot of FUN in the process.

Congratulations to the winners of our 24 Hour Lightyear Wireless Customer Testimonial Drawing Contest! We had a LOT of fantastic entries into the drawing from happy Lightyear Wireless Customers and these individuals where chosen in the drawing to win some fantastic prizes! We will be mailing the prizes out this week! Take a look at the drawing winners and their amazing stories below!

I have been a Lightyear Wireless Customer since February 1st 2012. Before Lightyear, I was using AT&T for my wireless service. I had a basic plan with no texting, no web and paid about the same as I pay with Lightyear. I have a HTC EVO 3D 4G Android Smartphone with Lightyear Wireless that allows me to Talk all I want, Text all I want, Surf the web all I want and make $5 in free international calls for only $59.99 per month. I am having a lot of fun trying to discover all the things I can do with my HTC EVO 3D 4G Android Smartphone and Unlimited Service. Lightyear Wireless has taken my cell phone experience to a new level! Ned Perry – Macon, Georgia

My company switched all our wireless lines to Lightyear Wireless and we are saving over $600 a month and the service is fantastic! Brady Keys – Orlando, Florida

I discovered Lightyear Wireless in June of 2011 and decided to just try the service since it would save me some money. I was with AT&T at the time and was paying about $100 month but kept going over my minutes due to business calls (I’m a real estate agent). An “Unlimited” plan for $60/month sounded great, but what about call quality, dropped calls, etc?  I cannot have that in my business or they’re off to another agent. I am pleased to say that Lightyear has exceeded all my expectations and so I recently joined Lightyear as a Rep.  My first goal is to earn FREE service from Lightyear. Real estate is a great career choice but there’s no residual income at all.  Lightyear fills that void between home sales and it’s my retirement plan that keeps paying me as long as my customers keep talking! Paul Merriman – Atlanta, Georgia

We have been Lightyear Wireless customers since 12-18-08. Prior to Lightyear we had T-Mobile and AT&T. Since being a Lightyear customer, we have saved $4,160 since using Lightyear Wireless service and the service has been the best we have experience. With T Mobile our phones didn’t work well in our home and with AT&T, we dropped calls every day on the way home from work at certain locations. Since we switched to Lightyear Wireless our phones work Great in all areas of our home and we no longer experience those dead zones on the way home from work. Paying less and getting more, that’s a fantastic deal. Thanks Lightyear Wireless for helping our family save money during these challenging economic times. Troy and Brenda Briggs – Atlanta, Georgia

I became a Lightyear Wireless customer in August 2011. My previous wireless carrier was Metro PCS for 6 yrs. My husband, Jonathan and I had been paying a total of $75.00/m plus $3.00 fee to pay the bill each month. That was for UNLIMITED SERVICE with Metro PCS and it was UNAVAILABLE when we traveled from Atlanta, Ga. to N.C. for weekends. We have saved $375 since switching to Lightyear Wireless and we have each earned FREE WIRELESS SERVICE by helping a few friends become customers. Jonathan has an awesome HTC HERO Smartphone with thousands of FREE applications thru the android market. I preferred a basic flip phone with big buttons. Our Lightyear service is second to none. Not only is Lightyear better, it’s TRULY UNLIMITED WITHOUT CAPS ON DATA like the major wireless carriers. Sylvia Rosser – East Point, Georgia

I have been a Lightyear Wireless Customer since July 2008. Before Lightyear I used Verizon wireless and since switching to Lightyear Wireless, I have saved over $6,500 by simply helping a few people become customers. Lightyear Wireless offers a customer referral program that lets me earn FREE service by simply helping a few friends save money. Every month that I and my customers stay with Lightyear Wireless, my service is FREE! I love my Lightyear service.  I actually have the same Unlimited Talk, Text and Web that I had before with Verizon, but now my service is FREE and I get paid on it! Ben Sturtevant – Santa Rosa, California

I switched to Lightyear Wireless postpaid service in December 2008. Before Lightyear Wireless I used AT & T for 5 years and had unlimited service which cost me a little over $118 per month with tax. With AT&T, I had several dropped calls. I switched to Lightyear Wireless No Contract Service in 2010 and I have unlimited service with taxes approx. a little over $64 per month. Since switching to Lightyear Wireless I have saved $1,420 over the last two years. I qualified for free service 4 months ago and nothing beats free! I have Android Smartphone with unlimited service and the calls are crystal clear, the text messages go thru with no problem and the data is fantastic. My service with Lightyear beats AT&T hands down and Lightyear customer service rocks. Every time I have needed help, they answer quickly and offer terrific support. Terry Cox – Loris, South Carolina

When I first heard about Lightyear Wireless in November of 2011 and the cost of service compared to what I was paying with Sprint I was very dubious.  After doing the math and discovering the cost difference of the two phones I had on Sprint compared to Lightyear, I decided to make a change after being a customer of Sprint for 15 years. The math made me switch and take a chance on the service.  I was paying $159 a month with Sprint.  Lightyear was going to charge me $85 with tax included for the same service I had with Sprint and my local Lightyear Wireless Representative, Dennis Smith had explained to me that we were using the Sprint network for our service, but I was still a little concerned as to how the service might be. Since I was saving about $74 a month, I was amazed to find out there was no reduction in the level of service and the other services that Lightyear offers were just as good as Sprint AND lower cost too! What is not to love about Lightyear?  Lower cost, equal service and a chance to get your service for free, add up to a combination no one should refuse. I also wanted to mention the success I had with Hot Spot.  Ray Ramirez, who I have been working on to get involved in Lightyear, had a friend who lives in Southern Indiana in an area where there is no cable available for internet.  Ray and I took my phone and computer to his address and used Hot Spot to get online on my computer and it worked like a “champ”. For the cost of phone service he is presently paying, this gentleman can have internet and a phone that he can talk, text and surf all we wants.  Isn’t that terrific? Dave Derringer – Louisville, Kentucky

I switched to Lightyear Wireless in December of 2011. I had been with AT&T for over 20 years and had no idea how much I was overpaying for service. I am now saving about $52 per month with Lightyear Wireless. I have had very good customer service so far and I am looking forward to being with Lightyear Wireless for a very long time. Not only for the monthly savings, but also the fantastic customer support Lightyear also provides! Craig Buckland – Ormond Beach, Florida

I have been a customer with Lightyear since June 2009. I have to use our postpaid service as I live in one of the few areas that our No Contract Product does not have service in. I still have the same great service that I had before joining Lightyear. Now I have a Droid and great data service with text and pay almost $100 less than I did before with Verizon and all I had then was voice with no data and no text! Billy Bryson Franklin, North Carolina

I became a customer of Lightyear Wireless in June 2011. I was previously with Verizon and always went over my allotted minutes by a few and had limited texts. Since getting Unlimited Talk, Text, and Web with Lightyear it is good to know my bill will be $63 every month after taxes. With Verizon, I never knew what to expect my bill to be and my call quality is better with Lightyear Wireless than it was with Verizon. With Verizon, I had zero bars in my work place. Now with Lightyear Wireless, I receive 3+ bars….amazing. I am using that to get customers to switch to Lightyear, so I can one day have FREE service thanks to Lightyear’s customer referral program! Jerry Vogler – Kent, Ohio

Our family switched from Verizon to Lightyear over three years ago. With Verizon, our 5 phones, on their highest minute family plan, cost us nearly $300 per month with NO DATA and we still had to watch our voice/text usage. Today, we have two phones on Lightyear’s unlimited plan, two on the 700 talk/700 text plan, and one of our kids only wants the $20/month plan. Because of the customer referral program, one of our unlimited phones is free. That means that for the service we want and two completely unlimited plans that we needed, our 5 phones only total $150 per month. We are saving $3,000 per year and now have unlimited data on the phones that need it! Our unlimited phones are used for our business, meaning thousands of minutes of talk time and a lot of data….unlimited is amazing. We’ve enjoyed the same high quality service, but now have the freedom and flexibility we want. It’s great to never worry about an overage bill again. Thanks Lightyear! Gary & Laura House – Lynchburg, Virginia

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