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Kyocera Brio


Kyocera Brio resembles some of the other Kyocera phones, mainly because of the QWERTY compact keyboard design that tries to mimic the already-classic BlackBerry form.

Made of a smooth gray-plastic material, joined by a couple of metallic accents surrounding the navigation and the camera lens, it really has a nice feel to it. Kyocera Brio has the following measurements: 4.5-inches tall, 2.4-inches wide, 0.6 inch thick and it weights 3.7 ounces (so it’s also light, yet sturdy).

Kyocera Brio’s screen is smaller: a merely 2.2-inch QVGA landscape-display which has a native resolution of 320×240-pixel and which is capable of supporting up to 65,000 colors. Although during tests we found that it was both colorful and bright enough, we did have some problems reading the font when it was in all Caps; we didn’t like the style of the font at all, because it seemed to evoke the older computers that are no longer in the making.

In terms of navigation, it was a piece of cake. The settings available for the display are pretty basic: screensavers, backlight time and brightness can all be changed to your liking.

Navigation is easy and will take you back to the basic phones: a 4-directional pad with an OK button placed right in the middle. On the sides of the pad you’ll find the Answer and End buttons and the Back and Shortcut buttons. The latter takes you to the message menu.

Just below the navigation buttons, you’ll find the four-row keyboard, with ridged buttons (this may be a good thing usually, because it does give you a clear sense of where the buttons ends, but this time, it might not have been the brightest idea, seeing as my fingers often slipped and I would hit the wrong button). A big plus in my book are the assigned buttons for “.com”, jumping into call-history and for creating the emoticons. What is nice are the buttons for appending “.com,” for emoticons, and for jumping to the call history.

Kyocera Brio Connectivity

Kyocera Brio placed most of the ports on the left side of the phone: you’ll find here the charging-port in Micro-USB form, camera button and a volume rocker. On the top you’ll find a 2.5-millimeter jack for the headset. On the back side of the Kyocera Brio you’ll find the 1.3-megapixel camera, and just behind the back-cover you’ll find the microSD card slot which can stock up to 32GB of data.


With a great call-quality and access to your e-mail this is a great phone; what’s more, you also get a slot for a memory expansion of 32 GB.

Review Conclusion

It’s at a good price if you’re on the lookout for a phone that offers a few features, a QWERTY keyboard, a good call quality and an acceptable-sized screen.

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