Does Your Wireless Pay You? Lightyear Wireless Pay$

Some Thoughts on WHY Everyone Should Join Lightyear Wireless

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Sometimes we have people say (I can get that phone for less at the BIG Wireless Companies) and you know what, they are ALMOST correct. It may be cheaper at those companies if you commit to a 2 year contract, PASS CREDIT and you pay TWICE as much for your monthly plan than the Lightyear NORMAL rate.

If you get a Touch Screen Smart Phone with Android Software and a 5 mega pixel camera from Verizon it could cost a few hundred dollars or it could be FREE. That sounds great TODAY, but if you are paying $119.99 per month for Unlimited Talk, Text and Web with Verizon NOT counting all those taxes and fees making your bill most likely around $150 per month and you could have the SAME unlimited talk, text and web with Lightyear for $59.99 or FREE, you should consider how you ACTUALLY spend more!
If you save $60 per month with Lightyear, that is $720 per year and if you bought our most expensive phone (HTC Hero) it would cost you $414.99. In 7 months of saving $60 per month, you would have bought your $414.99 HTC Hero with Lightyear and for the NEXT 17 months, you are saving $60 per month. WHY would someone OVER pay $1,000 MORE over the next 2 years to get something for FREE today?
AND imagine if you simply referred a few customers to Lightyear and your bill is FREE! $120 x 24 = $2,880. FREE x 24 = FREE and if you had to buy a $414.99 HTC Hero upfront, would you rather pay Lightyear $414.99 or Verizon $2,880??????
Here are some other GREAT reasons why EVERYONE should join Lightyear Wireless as a Customer TODAY!

Great Phones
Lightyear Wireless offers Smart Phones, Camera Phones and Texting Phones! We offer TOP of the line phones such as the HTC Hero Android Touch Screen Smart Phone, Blackberry Curve 8530 (Curve 2), Sanyo Zio Android Touch Screen Smart Phone and Samsung Instinct Touch Screen Smart Phone!
We offer POPULAR texting and web surfing phones such as the Samsung Seek Touch Screen Push out Texting Phone and Sanyo 2700 Threaded Text Messaging Phone.
We offer LOW cost fully functional Smart Phones that allow you to TALK, TEXT, Surf the Web and Push Email to your phone, such as the Palm Treo and Motorola Q. If you are looking for a GREAT phone, Lightyear has one with No Contract, No Credit Check, No Deposit and No Hassles!

Find out  just visit:

Great Plans
Lightyear Wireless has a plan for EVERYONE! If you want EVERYTHING, we have our Unlimited Plan! If you are an AVERAGE user, we have our 700/700 Plan! If you just want to TEXT all you want, we have our 200 Minute Talk and Unlimited Text Plan! If you only use your phone to make a few calls per month, we have our 200 and 300 Minute Plans with ROLLOVER minutes!
We are SAVING our customers a lot of money and if they simply refer a few friends, their bill is FREE!

A decision to change your your lifestyle!


To Your Success!


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Just a country boy trying to help (those who want to pay their college tuition or student loans) by sharing how to get unlimited wireless service with the bonus of free service and cash flow. I will help all my associates be better marketing and social media users.
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