You will want Lightyear Wireless

All of us have needs and wants. The needs are what we require to be able operate our lives. What we want is the thing that makes us feel better. Lightyear wireless fills both you need and wants. We have unlimited  talk text web for $ 59.99 plus some local tax so what are you paying? We have the smart phones. We even have a way for you to get your phone service for free. You can be a part of the Lightyear group and we will help you on how to invite others to be a part of this to benefit both you and the one you invited. I have  6 step formula below to help you.

Y ou need help, Call me 828.289.5365  Go to

The 6-Step Inviting Formula

Here are the steps I went through with every prospect to build my downline to over 56,000 members. Each step is essential. Each step must be mastered. But fortunately, that’s not hard to do if you have the right coach and the right tools.

1. Greet – The purpose of the greeting is to get your prospect to speak freely and open up to you. Without feeling forced or tricked.

2. Qualify – Here’s where you find out what your prospect needs, wants and doesn’t want as it pertains to your business. Get this right and you’ll know exactly how to best present and position your opportunity.

3. Invite – Now it’s time to ask your prospect to review information about your opportunity. And of course the information they’ll be reviewing is geared towards helping them achieve what they said they need, want or don’t want.

4. Handle questions and/or objections – The purpose of handling questions and objections is to get the prospect beyond what is apparently stopping them from attaining what they’ve stated they need, want or don’t want. When you know how to invite properly, this step is no longer a step to be feared!

5. Close to action – At this step, the goal is to complete whatever is being said or done and start helping your prospect fulfill their needs/wants/don’t wants. Here’s where you review the next steps and have the prospect agree to take those steps, i.e., watch a DVD, attend a meeting, etc.

6. Follow up or follow through – Here’s where you re-contact your prospect to follow up with them after they took action and keep them moving towards getting what they said they need, want or don’t want. When they’re ready to join, you follow through and help them through the process.

Y ou need help, Call me 828.289.5365  Go to


About lywirelessrepnc

Just a country boy trying to help (those who want to pay their college tuition or student loans) by sharing how to get unlimited wireless service with the bonus of free service and cash flow. I will help all my associates be better marketing and social media users.
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