Looking forward !

Inspirational: Smell the Coffee

By Chip Lutz

I reached my hotel room at 1AM and wondered what the next day was going to hold for me.  It had been the end of an extremely long day.  I had left Milwaukee that morning on what (I thought) was going to be a short flight to Oklahoma City to work with veterans that had recently returned from deployment.  When I left my house, little did I know that storms were ravaging the southern states and that I would spend four hours on the tarmac in Austin and even more time in the Houston airport waiting in line – only to find out that they didn’t know if I was going to go anywhere else that weekend. As I lay there in bed with my mind racing, I knew I had a choice to make.  I could choose to stay in a whirlwind of craziness and let my emotions get the best of me or I could choose something else.  I chose to focus on coffee.  That’s all I wanted the next day – a decent cup of coffee.  It didn’t even have to be great – just decent.   We all have days that go awry.   Changing our attitude can make it all go a bit smoother.  Here’s how it worked for me.

Looking forward to that cup of coffee helped me ch’lax – a term I got from my four children that is a combination of chilling and relaxing.   Each of us has something that can help us ch’lax.  It can be looking forward to a cup of coffee or it could be a myriad of other things – listening to music, deep breathing, going for a swim, or reading (the possibilities are endless!).  There are no parameters set on what you decide to use – that’s up to you.  At the end of the day, it’s about best case and worst case.  Best case, you get what you want.  Worst case, you don’t.  With that in mind, anything is possible!  So, CH’LAX!

Looking forward to that cup of coffee helped me find the humor in my day.  Truly, it was a pretty funny day.  Yes, it was frustrating at times, but there were some pretty great moments.  Without the worry about what was coming next, I was able to see them with more clarity.   Most of those moments came from thinking about the people I had met during that day – like the group that was on their way to Las Vegas and had started the party as soon as we left Milwaukee.  Or, how the bags of pretzels keep getting smaller and that if I had only brought a bag of candy bars I would’ve been able to pay for my flight by auctioning them off.  When we change our focus, we can see the humor in just about anything.

Looking forward to that cup of coffee helped me be grateful for the things that, sometimes, can be overlooked.  For example: Even though the day was long, I had my carry-on luggage (with toothbrush), a phone, music, and was able to find a place to sleep for a few hours before the next adventure would begin.  This hit home a little harder the next morning when I saw many sleeping quite uncomfortably all over the airport.  Regardless of the situation, there are always things we can be thankful for.   When in a tight spot, try running through the things that are “right” in your life.  When I think of my wife’s smile or one of our children’s smiles, I can’t help but feel blessed.  What is it for you?

The next morning I got up early and headed towards the airport.  Yes, I was still focused on my cup of coffee but, at this point, I was feeling so good that my happiness didn’t hinge on whether I got it or not.  But, I did get it!  The yummy goodness of that cup-’o-Joe percolated through my entire system!  Still semi-euphoric from its effect, I walked up to the counter to get started waiting in line but I didn’t have to wait – I was the first person there!  The rest of my day went even better!  Where before I might have had to stay in Houston all weekend, now there was a new flight and I got a seat.  When I got to Oklahoma City, my baggage was there and a taxi was waiting to take me to my program on time.  If anything was wrong, I would not have noticed.  Everything changed because I changed.  That’s how life works, isn’t it?  All of life is made up of moments – good moments and, to put it mildly, not so good moments.  But, it is also made up of moments of choice – where we can choose how we are going to deal with the things that can batter us around.  I chose coffee and it helped me change my perspective, ch’lax, and be thankful for the things that were going right.  When you get hit, what are you going to choose?


Social Media:  Employing the 4 C’s

By Carrie Wilkerson

I have grown my online audience and lists to about 100,000 people with no paid advertising. I used traditional list-building methods for building a list of 24,000 in my first 10 months online, to supplement my online and offline businesses.

Now let me tell you how I doubled that prospect list again in six months….two words – SOCIAL MEDIA!

Points to remember:

I draw attention, prospects, sales (flies with honey, etc.) with the four C’s: Character, Conversation, Content and Consistency.

Have Character Especially if you are building a business online (I’m guessing that’s why you are reading this), you need to have character! You would not (hopefully) go to a party and immediately start insulting people, bashing companies, or making inappropriate comments to strangers. Remember, this is a very large FISHBOWL, and people are listening and watching. You are your own marketing, so guard your character.

Be Conversational Do not walk into the party, stand on a stool, and just shout self-promotional things or preach at people. They will either kick you out, talk about you, or WORSE, grow deaf to any further messages you have. Interact with people, show interest in them, and see how you can be of value in their space.

Provide Content (which is totally different from being contentious, FYI.)

Believe it or not, 140 characters is a great amount of space to show tidbits of what you know about your business and area of expertise. You can establish trust and credibility and TEACH powerfully with those 140 characters over time! Tools, resources, videos, quotes, and lessons learned are all very good at helping solidify your validity in your niche or market.

Be Consistent You don’t have to show up on Twitter as much as I do to be effective!  But if you only come around when you are bored, have a promotion, have a blog post, or are seeking input, your fellow party-goers will see right through that! So be consistent and engaged. Your face popping up on their screen should not cause a “HEY – who is that?” It should cause them to say, “Oh hey, there you are!” We trust the people who are consistent in our lives. The barriers of resistance are comfortably lowered. It is the same in social media circles.

THAT is my whole magical formula. Seriously. You thought it was going to be rocket science, right? But I prefer to measure based on interaction, conversation, and the growing size of the circle surrounding me at the party. As long as they want to be in my space, I will welcome them there. I will use my brand of encouragement and edu-tainment to hopefully make them smile and perhaps even enlighten them a bit.

So here is the @Barefoot_Exec magical “Build Your Business with Twitter” strategy in a nutshell:

When your audience knows you, likes you, and trusts you, they will want to know MORE about who you are, who you know, and what you have to offer.

  • »   Attract followers with your willingness to engage.
  • »   Take action using what you know.
  • »   Maintain a regular presence on social media sites.
  •  »   Let it be about them, not all about you.
  • »   Grow your circle and your clout!

I don’t “drive” prospects to my blogs, sites, movies, promotions or offers. I draw it there with the four C’s: Character, Conversation, Content, and Consistency. Try it for yourself and let’s talk about it on Twitter!


Social Media!  What’s All the HYPE About?

By Carrie Wilkerson

Don’t Wait to Figure it Out

I am a case study in, “Don’t wait until you have it figured out before you take action.”

That being said, I take massive action, and when I don’t get the results I hoped for, I evaluate, readjust, and take more massive action. This seems to work for me.

Somehow, I have grown my online audience and lists to about 100,000 people with no paid advertising. I used traditional list-building methods for building a list of 24,000 in my first 10 months online, to supplement my online and offline businesses.

Now let me tell you how I doubled that prospect list again in six months….two words – SOCIAL MEDIA!

Let me explain!

One thing that has planted itself firmly in my head since back in the day when I was in sales is “attract, don’t attack.” In other words, rather than actively going out to chase prospects down, draw them to you.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Let me clarify right now that in your online toolbox, you need several strategies, but for the sake of space and simplicity, I’ll focus on using social media to get traffic to your blogs, websites, promotions, and products.

Because I feel like confession is good for the soul… and because I want you to see me just as I am, I will tell you the truth. I’m no wizard. I don’t test and track as well as I should. I have never studied massive website  traffic or lead-generation methods and I am NOT a social media expert.

Whew. Okay, I feel better now.

What I am is a businesswoman leveraging social media for:

»    Connections »    Credibility »    Client Loyalty »    Compensation (i.e., Cash) Sorry  if that  shocks  you, but it’s the truth. I don’t know all the nuances of social media or WHY it works. (I also do not know how a fax machine works.) But I do know that it DOES work and I’m going to tell you how I personally utilize it for my above purposes. Deal?

Let me focus on my primary method of social media for traffic: Twitter.

For simplicity’s sake, let’s classify Twitter as the world’s largest open meeting space, a 24/hour mixer or party. You walk into the party, you select which people interest you, and you join in the conversation. The conversation moves fast, is immediate, and the topic varies depending  on whom you’re talking to. (MANY of these same principles apply to ALL forms of social media.)

Etiquette While there is some widely accepted etiquette for social media, there are no hard and fast rules, and I’m certainly not going to define how you must use it here. But I will tell you that keeping the “attract, don’t attack” rule in mind will serve you well in this space.

“But Carrie, seriously – get to lead-generation and higher sales already!” Okay, here is the magical, mystical power of list-building with social media.  Are you ready?

When you focus on people, and on serving them with encouragement, valuable information, authentic interest, and introducing them to others, YOU become magnetic, drawing others to you.

People want to be in YOUR space because you are all about THEM, not YOU.

Come to the table with “What can I do for YOU?” instead of “Guess what you can do for ME.”

“Carrie, that is too warm and fuzzy. I want to know about sales traffic. How does that get people to my site, to call me for service, to buy?” Now, this is not scientific, and I’ve not done tons of measuring, but my Alexa website ranking  is good, my conversions are profitable, my speaking schedule is packed, my list is growing, and the opportunities are seemingly endless. So, SOMETHING is clearly working!

Carrie Wilkerson is the voice of experience. From corporate life to teaching high school to direct sales, she has “been there and done that” professionally and personally. An “overnight mom” to two toddlers through adoption, her priorities instantly changed and so did her workplace. She’s now built several businesses and coached others to do the same while overcoming extreme debt, losing 110 lbs and having two more children, for a total of four, ages infant through 12!


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Have a great Easter weekend

 See you in church

God Bless


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