Using cellphones for real-time info!

Study: More people using cellphones for real-time info

By Brett Molina, USA TODAY

Roughly 70% of cellphone owners have used their devices in the last month to gather real-time information such as traffic alerts or look up sports scores, a new study finds.

According to a survey from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, smartphones are turning more people into “real-time information seekers and problem solvers.”

They quizzed 2,254 adults age 18 and older from March 15 to April 3, asking whether they had used their mobile devices to seek out time-sensitive information in the past 30 days.

Among their key findings: 41% used their devices to coordinate a meeting or get-together, 30% used phones to decide whether to visit a business such as a restaurant, and 19% turned to phones to get help in an emergency.

Younger phone owners are far more likely to use their devices for this type of data than older owners, Pew found. About 88% of owners age 18-29 used their phone for real-time information, compared with 46% of respondents age 65 and older.

Also, men (73%) were more likely than women (67%) to use their phones for real-time services.


America On Board for ‘Financial Train Wreck’, Economist Warns
Read more: America On Board for ‘Financial Train Wreck’, Economist Warns

Whether or not you agree with Peter Schiff, CEO and chief global strategist of Euro Pacific Capital, one thing is beyond dispute: Those whom we have trusted to fix our economy have failed.

Instead of making tough decisions to get America back on track, the “yes men” in Washington have only continued to placate donors and implement short-term fixes that will hedge their re-election efforts.

By now it should be clear that the “recovery” won’t happen. All these short-term fixes will come back to haunt us.

And when they do, as prophetic economist Bob Wiedemer boldly states, “[The] money from heaven will be the path to hell.”

ALERT: A Rigged 2012 Financial Meltdown? See the Evidence.

He doesn’t mince words when he talks about the tragic consequences. “The data is clear, 50% unemployment, a 90% stock market drop, and 100% annual inflation . . . starting in 2012.”

Before you discount this scenario as wild speculation, please keep this in mind: In 2006, Weidemer wrote America’s Bubble Economy, which correctly predicted the collapse of the U.S. housing market, equity markets, private debt, and consumer spending.

His newest book, Aftershock, is a wake-up call for those who are ill-prepared (or unwilling) to acknowledge an ugly truth: The country’s financial “rescue” devised in Washington has been a catastrophic failure.

Weidemer issues a clear warning about the coming destruction of wealth, but perhaps most importantly for investors, he offers a detailed blueprint on how to survive and even prosper during the tough times ahead.

In an exclusive interview with Newsmax, Wiedemer discusses Aftershock and lays out how he sees the “financial meltdown” unfolding. He then discusses where investors should look to protect themselves and profit from the crisis we are about to face

Read more: America On Board for ‘Financial Train Wreck’, Economist Warns


Beat the economy!

See how – Use a  cell phone?


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