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Take a look at yourself!

It’s not what you don’t have.  Chances are excellent that you’ve heard the phrase used many times, “Life is what you make it.”  Truer words were never spoken.  Or we could put it in a slightly different way, as my friend Ty Boyd does, and say, “You can’t change the cards life has dealt you, but you can determine the way you’ll play them.”  That’s the philosophy Wendy Stoeker decided to live by.  When she was a freshman at the University of Florida, Wendy placed third in the girls’ state diving championship.  At that point she was swimming in the number two spot, and she was doing so as a freshman on the highly-competitive Florida swim team.  At the same time, she was carrying a full academic load.

Wendy Stoeker certainly sounds like an accomplished, happy, positive, well-balanced co-ed, capable of making life whatever she wishes it to be, doesn’t she?  Well, as a matter of fact, you’re right when you say that’s what she was and is.  The fact is, she already has made life what she wants it to be, even though she was born without arms.

Despite having no arms, Wendy enjoys bowling, water skiing, and types over 45 words a minute.  Wendy doesn’t look down at what she does not have, she looks up to what she does have.  The reality is that if all of us would use what we have and not worry about what we don’t have, we would be able to accomplish infinitely more in our lives.

The message is this: Follow the example of Wendy Stoeker.  Think positively about what you want in life.  Determine to use what you have, regardless of the obstacles you might face.  If you do that, you will make your life more exciting, rewarding and productive.  Buy that idea and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

Zig Ziglar is a motivator and teacher.


Social Media:  Employing the 4 C’s

By Carrie Wilkerson


I have grown my online audience and lists to about 100,000 people with no paid advertising. I used traditional list-building methods for building a list of 24,000 in my first 10 months online, to supplement my online and offline businesses.

Now let me tell you how I doubled that prospect list again in six months….two words – SOCIAL MEDIA!

Points to remember:

I draw attention, prospects, sales (flies with honey, etc.) with the four C’s: Character, Conversation, Content and Consistency.

Have Character Especially if you are building a business online (I’m guessing that’s why you are reading this), you need to have character! You would not (hopefully) go to a party and immediately start insulting people, bashing companies, or making inappropriate comments to strangers. Remember, this is a very large FISHBOWL, and people are listening and watching. You are your own marketing, so guard your character.

Be Conversational Do not walk into the party, stand on a stool, and just shout self-promotional things or preach at people. They will either kick you out, talk about you, or WORSE, grow deaf to any further messages you have. Interact with people, show interest in them, and see how you can be of value in their space.

Provide Content (which is totally different from being contentious, FYI.)

Believe it or not, 140 characters is a great amount of space to show tidbits of what you know about your business and area of expertise. You can establish trust and credibility and TEACH powerfully with those 140 characters over time! Tools, resources, videos, quotes, and lessons learned are all very good at helping solidify your validity in your niche or market.

Be Consistent You don’t have to show up on Twitter as much as I do to be effective!  But if you only come around when you are bored, have a promotion, have a blog post, or are seeking input, your fellow party-goers will see right through that! So be consistent and engaged. Your face popping up on their screen should not cause a “HEY – who is that?” It should cause them to say, “Oh hey, there you are!” We trust the people who are consistent in our lives. The barriers of resistance are comfortably lowered. It is the same in social media circles.

THAT is my whole magical formula. Seriously. You thought it was going to be rocket science, right? But I prefer to measure based on interaction, conversation, and the growing size of the circle surrounding me at the party. As long as they want to be in my space, I will welcome them there. I will use my brand of encouragement and edu-tainment to hopefully make them smile and perhaps even enlighten them a bit.

So here is the @Barefoot_Exec magical “Build Your Business with Twitter” strategy in a nutshell:

When your audience knows you, likes you, and trusts you, they will want to know MORE about who you are, who you know, and what you have to offer.

»   Attract followers with your willingness to engage. »   Take action using what you know. »   Maintain a regular presence on social media sites. »   Let it be about them, not all about you. »   Grow your circle and your clout!

I don’t “drive” prospects to my blogs, sites, movies, promotions or offers. I draw it there with the four C’s: Character, Conversation, Content, and Consistency. Try it for yourself and let’s talk about it on Twitter!


Courage:  Hitting the Bull’s-Eye

By Sandra Walston



Hitting the bull’s-eye means being on target. English longbow yeomen in small hamlets often held archery practice after church services, the only time when many of them could gather. A common target was the white skull of a bull, and the greatest skill was illustrated by getting a bull’s eye.

Before practicing the skills needed to hit the bull’s-eye in your life and work, you need to know that you’re aiming at the right target—and then act with courage.

Acting with courage is about acting from the heart, from the center of your being. The word courage comes from French corage, meaning “heart and spirit.” The bull’s-ye that you must learn to hit consistently is your heart. Everything outside the bull’s-eye represents a different aspect of the false self-stories, such as “I could never be like that”! By accessing your courage, you take aim at the true target of your life’s work.

Are You On Target? It may take years for you to find the courage to act from your heart—the place where self-acceptance lives—and express your true identity, thus revealing your authenticity. Your courage is alive and well in your original self. The word “authentic” is derived from Greek authentikos, meaning “original.” Learn to live from the inside—the bull’s-eye of your true being. The skilled archer pauses breathing before releasing the arrow. The pause or reflection enables you to have goals yet stay present to adapt as needed. You become courageous by being courageous, hitting the bull’s-eye more often.

Three Strategies How can you increase your accuracy? Here are three bull’s-eye strategies: 1. Determine why you are living off target. If you seldom hit the bull’s-eye, you may be focusing on negative external factors rather than listening to the affirmation of your heart. As you gain a healthier perspective about who you are, you limit the off-target shots that keep you from leading with your courage.

2. Enhance your accuracy with meditation. Courage-centering begins with learning to reflect so that you live from the core of your true being. Meditation can reveal your motivations and awaken your courage.

3. Start to underscore your bull’s-eyes. Underscore your hits—your defined behavioral competencies, the times when you feel energized about your life and work. Discover the joy of living in the present and from your courage.


Labor That Works Miracles    by Jim Rohn

Two thousand years ago on April 15, one of Jesus’ disciples came to him and said it was time to pay taxes (that’s how I know it was around April 15), but they had no money. In response to his disciple’s statement, Jesus said “no problem.” Now why could he say “no problem”? Well, word had it that Jesus was a miracle worker. If you hand a problem to a miracle worker, what they are inclined to say is “no problem.” You’ve got to hang out with people like that.

I belong to a small group and we do business around the world. These guys are all miracle workers. What an incredible group. If you hand any of them a problem, guess what they say, “no problem.” How many books will they read to solve a problem? As many as it takes. If they need to consult, how much consulting will they do? As much as it takes. How early will they get up? As early as it takes. “No problem”… you got to hang out with people like that. You cannot believe the thrill of being associated with miracle workers, people who will do whatever it takes to get the job done and perform miracles.

When asked about paying the taxes, Jesus said it was “no problem.” In fact, he said it was going to be easy. He told the disciple to just go fishing. Now it couldn’t have been any easier than that, especially for this disciple whose name was Peter, because Peter was a fisherman. Now, if you can fish and you should fish and you don’t fish, then that is why you do not get a miracle. But Jesus told his disciple to go fishing and the first fish that he caught to look in its mouth. Peter, who was used to strange things happening, agreed. Well, the first fish Peter catches, he looks in its mouth and finds coins. Peter then adds up the coins and they are exactly enough to pay his and Jesus’ taxes.

“Wow!” you might say. “That is a miracle!” Here is why we call it a miracle—simply because we don’t quite understand how it works. That’s all. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, it just means we don’t quite understand how it works. Which is true of all miracles. In fact, for most of us, our whole life is a miracle.

How about this miracle? God says if you plant the seed, I will make the tree. Wow, you can’t have a better arrangement than that. First, it gives God the tough end of the deal. What if you had to make a tree? That would keep you up late at night, trying to figure out how to make a tree. God says, “No, leave the miracle part to me. I’ve got the seed, the soil, the sunshine, the rain and the seasons. I’m God and all this miracles stuff is easy for me. I have reserved something very special for you and that is to plant the seed.”

I have found in life that if you want a miracle you first need to do whatever it is you can do. If that’s to plant, then plant; if it is to read, then read; if it is to change, then change; if it is to study, then study; if it is to work, then work; whatever you have to do. And then you will be well on your way to doing the labor that works miracles.


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