Optimism and Winning At Life!

I’m so optimistic I’d go after Moby Dick in a row boat and take the tartar sauce with me.               ~Zig Ziglar

Game Plans for Winning at Life

By Rudy Ruettiger

Insight #1 Be the person you want to be. “Make the decision to take action and move closer to your Dream. Create daily success habits and surround yourself with information that will empower and inspire you.”

Insight #2 Use anger in a positive way to get results. “Anger is a normal reaction. It’s what you do with anger that makes a difference in your life … direct your anger towards a goal … use anger in a positive way to get results … from anger comes determination … comes triumph.”

Insight #3 It starts with a Dream. “Visualize your Dream and make a commitment. Having a Dream is what makes life exciting. Never underestimate the power of a Dream. It will change your life. A Dream gives you the ability to determine your future.”

Insight #4 Eliminate the confusion. “Find mentors who encourage you. The right information will eliminate confusion. Visualize exactly what you want to be … and focus on that … believe in yourself and don’t let anything stop you. Reinforce your Dream every day with positive information from tapes, books, and mentors. Each day you will get closer to your Dream. Eliminate the confusion and fears, and make it happen.”

Insight #5 The greater the struggle, the greater the victory. “Most people allow struggles and fear of failure to stop them. The key is to learn from your struggles and move on. Failures will make you stronger and give you the information you need to reach your Dream. Struggle will prepare you for success. Without struggle there is no success.”

Insight #6 Follow your passion instead of the dollar. “There’s nothing wrong with making money … but, it’s important to focus on your passion instead of the dollar. For me, decisions based on my passion brought me closer to my Dream, while decisions based only on money took me further away. If you focus on what really fulfills you, you will have success. The dollar alone does not bring happiness.”

Insight #7 Excuses will kill your Dream. “What we’re really talking about here is commitment. Until you make a commitment to your Dream, it’s not really a Dream … it’s just another fantasy full of excuses. Fantasies don’t come true because they’re not real, we’re not committed to them. When we make commitments, we eliminate excuses and they become Dreams … and Dreams are definitely real.”

Insight #8 Prepare for your Dream. “Preparation is what comes from struggle. Knowledge comes from preparation. These are the elements that pave the road to your Dream. If we do not prepare we will not succeed. Set your goals and pursue your Dreams with all your heart. If you miss a goal, don’t quit, reset it! You just need to learn more … step by step you will win!”

Insight #9 Focus on your Dream and Never Quit. It is always too soon to quit. If you quit, you can’t succeed. By achieving your Dream you will be an inspiration to others. You will set the example and make an enormous impact on the world. Make it happen!”

Insight #10 Always have a Dream. “Dreams give us energy to go to new levels. Dreams change lives … the power of life is in your Dreams!”


Would You Have Smiled At Him?

By Zig Ziglar

The story is told of a man who went to the top story of the Empire State Building in New York for the purpose of jumping off.  When he got to the top he discovered that it was fenced in.  Committing suicide there was impossible.  As he was riding down the elevator, it occurred to him that by doing it that way he might injure or kill other people in the process.  He re-thought and decided to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge.  Since it was a long walk, he had time to do more thinking.  He decided that, if on the way even one person smiled at him, he would consider life worth living and not take his own life.  The question is, had you been one of the people he met that day, would you have smiled at him and saved his life?

I recognize that the question is rhetorical.  However, the fact is that there are approximately three billion people on the face of this earth who go to bed hungry for food – but there are over four billion people who go to bed every night hungry for a smile, a word of encouragement, a friendly greeting.  Wouldn’t it be tragic if one of those people was your mate, your child, your parents, a brother or sister, a neighbor?  Maybe someone you work with who is a nice man or woman, but life has dealt them some cruel blows lately.  A simple word of encouragement, an indication that you know of their difficulties and are concerned, can make a big difference in that person’s life.  The interesting thing is that in the process of encouraging others, whether it’s with a smile, a friendly greeting, or a humorous, encouraging thought, we ourselves benefit.  So, give that smile to the person who doesn’t have one.  It could make a difference.  Give it a try and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!


When Only One Wants to Change How do you convince your spouse that budgeting is necessary?

By Dave Ramsey

Statistically speaking, your chances of having a successful marriage shoot way up if you agree with your spouse on money, kids, religion and in-laws. But it’s the first of those four that many people don’t want to talk about.

If a husband or wife has bought into this idea of getting on a plan and out of debt and the other hasn’t, trouble could be lurking in that marriage. Here are some suggestions for talking to your other half about working together with money.

Getting the Word Most spouses don’t really know how much it means to their husband or wife to get on a plan. Suzy may casually bring it up at dinner one night, and Joe will respond, “That’s nice.” After that, nothing more is said. Joe doesn’t really get it.

Tonight, turn off the television. Put the kids to bed early and eliminate every possible distraction. Take your spouse’s hands in your hands, look them in the eye, and tell them what you are actually feeling. Are you scared? Are you excited about the thought of having control of your money? Tell them your thoughts and engage them in a conversation. They love you, and they’ll listen to you if they know it means a lot.

Some Fun and Games When people think of budgets, they think of bread and water. No fun, no going out to eat, none of that. Unless you have an extreme situation, you can still include fun money in the budget. Make sure to tell your partner that you will include fun money in the budget, as long as you make it together and stick to it. Remember, this is a team effort, and you are a team.

Show Me the Money With the Credit CARD Act of 2009 going into effect this month, credit card companies are going to get crafty in how they charge fees and interest so they can get around the law. So when you have a credit card statement come in with a new charge, take it to your spouse and point it out. If you can convince them that credit card companies are charging too much (which they are), then you might move your husband or wife to do something about it.

These are just some suggestions. You know how your husband or wife is wired, so find a way to talk to them in a language or manner that they understand. Don’t beat them over the head, but make it absolutely clear how important this is for your marriage and your future. Make 2012 the year that you and your other half take control, and be on your way to a lifestyle that will make both of you smile!


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