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Explain Your Recommendation

By Bryan Flanagan

In the sales process you need to build rapport between yourself and the prospect.  You need to uncover the prospect’s needs so you know how to present your solution.  You do that by asking a series of questions designed to lead the conversation towards the need for your product or service.  There is an easy, brief, and to-the-point way to transition from the questioning stage into the selling stage.  It can be completed in three sentences.

At this stage in the sales conversation you want to transition from asking questions to actually making the sales presentation.  You should ask permission to move to the next stage by asking, “Mr. Watts, we both agree that there is a better way to address these issues. That’s correct, isn’t it?  May I recommend we now discuss a way to solve these challenges for you?”

When you explain your recommendation, you must relate the information that you gained during the earlier conversation.  Here is an example of the process entitled BIC.  It goes like this:

Based on… I’d recommend… I’m confident…

“Mr. Watts, based on what you’ve said so far and the problems you are experiencing, I’d recommend that you install the Model 101.  I’m confident that it will exceed your expectations.”

You will, of course, modify this strategy so that it fits your sales environment.

“Mr. Watts, we’ve spoken about your current challenges in the area of productivity and recapturing lost clients.  Based on those challenges, I’d like to recommend a solution that will return your initial investment within three quarters.  My team and I are confident you can return your investment and reach your growth projections of twenty-two percent.”

Again, this step is preparing the prospect to receive your sales presentation.

Practice your BIC

Write a BIC statement for yourself.  Choose a real prospect and/or a future prospect and create your statements.

Based on ________________________________________________

I’d like to recommend ______________________________________

I am confident ____________________________________________

You may have to create several of these statements to fit your situations.  You may discover you can modify the above method to have more impact on your prospects.



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