About LYwirelessRepNC

You may have someone asking WHY  should they  join Lightyear. You may want to ask them WHY they would NOT want to join Lightyear! Here are ONLY 3 reason why someone should join Lightyear Wireless TODAY:

1. Do you know anyone that would like to pay 50 percent less on their CURRENT cell phone bill? Lightyear offers Unlimited Talk, Text and Web access for ONLY $59.99 per month! AT T and Verizon BOTH charged $119.99 for the SAME unlimited talk, text and LIMITED web service.

2. Do you know anyone that KNOWS 3 people who have a cell phone bill? WHO does not have wireless service? If so, they can join Lightyear TODAY become a representative and refer 3 customers and potentially earn FREE Service FOREVER! Why would someone you know pay a bill when they can get it for FREE? Some people just want good service and they can earn FREE service too, refer 5 customers as long as maintian their service with lightyear;  you earn FREE Service FOREVER!

3. Do you know anyone who is looking for ways to make EXTRA money? MILLIONS are unemployed, MILLIONS are ONE pay check from a disaster, MILLIONS are tired of having someone else control their future and MILLIONS are looking for A BETTER WAY! Lightyear pays a LOT of different ways and with just TWO of them, look at what you can accomplish! ONE, earn $100 to $295 Dollars by simply helping someone join Lightyear Wireless who activates a few customer points. Earn an EXTRA $200 by helping that new Rep activate 3 Unlimited Plan Customers in their 1st 30 days! Earn up to 10% of your OWN wireless bill and up to 4% on EVERY customer who joins Lightyear in your 8 compressed levels of customers gathered in your organizations! Earn money WEEKLY by helping others join Lightyear as customers and MONTHLY when customers pay a cell phone bill!

In 2010, 200 Billion Dollars were spent on cell phone bills and experts predict the industry will grow to 400 Billion Dollars by 2014! We are JUST getting started and Lightyear is positioned to help MILLIONS save money and make money on wireless bills! The only question is will YOU benefit? – http://bcdeck.mylightyear.net/– or call 1.828.289.5365.

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